Do you want to receive money from other countries?  with this digital wallet you can

Do you want to receive money from other countries? with this digital wallet you can

Through MOVii you can now receive money from different countries abroad, specifically from Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

The company already provided the service for users to send money to various countries in Latin America and now they are expanding the scope with the possibility of receiving from Europe.

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According to the Banco de la República, at the end of the third quarter of the year, the total amount of International money transfers sent by Colombians abroad to the country reached US $ 6,285.22.

It is expected that, by the end of the year, the US $ 6,908.85 million with which 2020 was closed. The receipt of money from workers outside the country is returning to gain strength and it may be a point that helps the economy in Colombia

Those interested in using the shipping service, have different alternatives such as approaching Money Exchange agencies, access the website or do it from telephone channels.

In any of them they must inform or select the option of make a shipment to Colombia, choose “MOVii Wallet” as a recipient and deliver the data of the MOVii account holder and number.

It should be noted that the recipient of the money order will be informed that they have an available amount and will subsequently receive the money in their account.

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Finally, Hernando Rubio CEO of MOVii assured that “in this process we achieve that Money Exchange users in Europe can send their money orders to MOVii accounts, either from Money Exchange agencies, from the WEB page or by phone, achieving that their families receive the money directly in their wallet “.

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