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Divided positions on extending mayors’ mandates

Divided positions on extending mayors' mandates

Mayors from all over the country have drafted a bill and are seeking the support of a deputy so that it can enter the Lower House. The initiative seeks that their four-year terms become five, as established by the National Constitution.

It should be remembered that, during 2020, the elections were postponed for a year, due to the health crisis that made it impossible for people to gather. For this reason, the mayors elected in October of last year must serve one less year of mandate (2021 – 2025).

Carlos María Ljubetic, director of electoral processes of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE), stated that this is an issue that does not concern his establishment.

“We convened for four years. And it is a law that has been approved and that the law must be modified so that it can be extended. We have no interference in that field. We would not even have to give an opinion, it does not affect us, ”he said.



“The order is out of place”

Walter Harms, ANR (Honor Colorado).

Walter Harms pointed out that it is absolutely out of place, and extemporaneous. He pointed out that he sees little chance that this initiative will advance in the Chamber of Deputies.

“There is a law by which they were elected for four years. Those were the rules of the game. The voters elected them knowing that the mandate was for four years. And there is no argument to change that span. The request is out of place, ”he pointed out.

“It is reckless to extend mandates by law”

Sebastian Villarejo, Dear Homeland party.

Sebastián Villarejo pointed out that it is reckless and unconstitutional to extend mandates by law. He said that the current mayors were elected for four-year terms.

“Let’s imagine that there will be elections in November 2026 and in less than 12 months we will have the internal elections for 2028. These are things that don’t make sense. The rules of the game said that this term was going to be for only four years,” he asserted.

Divided positions on extending mayors' mandates


“They must have one more year of mandate”

Hugo Ramírez, ANR (Republican Force).

Hugo Ramírez affirmed that the mandates were always five years. And in reality, a mayor can run for another term for a reason.

“The mayors are the authorities closest to the population. They are a tweet, a message or a call away. Inside this is exacerbated. I think it is important and opportune that the mayors and councilors be given peace of mind to have one more year of mandate, ”he said.

Divided positions on extending mayors' mandates

“I think the project passes in Deputies”

Edgar Ortiz, PLRA (Bench “B”).

Édgar Ortiz pointed out the National Constitution establishes that mandates must last five years. And that, although it is controversial, it is not fair that the current mayors have shorter mandates.

“It is fair that they ask for the five years to be fulfilled. The project this week will mature. I think that it happens in the Deputies, in the Senate it is what I see as difficult, ”she said.

Divided positions on extending mayors' mandates


“If they convince me I will vote in favor”

Celeste Amarilla, PLRA (Bancada “D”).

Celeste Amarilla expressed that she wants to see the document before issuing an opinion. She said that the approval of the initiative will imply modifying the electoral year.

“It is too early to give a position. As long as they have the votes, many legislators will vote for anything. If they convince me, I will vote in favor, but if it is just to ingratiate myself with mayors to get votes, don’t count on me”, he said.

Divided positions on extending mayors' mandates

“It must be taken between tweezers”

Jorge Britez, independent.

Jorge Brítez, for his part, stated that he would like to analyze the project in depth before issuing any position.

“The National Constitution was openly violated here. They also did not raise their voices when the constitution was violated during the pandemic. So it is an issue that should be taken with tweezers and studied in commissions”, he pointed out.

Divided positions on extending mayors' mandates
Jorge Brítez, deputy.

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