District will give rewards for information to solve homicides

District will give rewards for information to solve homicides

This Tuesday, February 15, a new council was held between the Mayor’s Office and the Police, and they announced measures, based on rewards, with which It seeks to improve security in Bogotá.

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It should be remembered that, based on the results of the recent 2021 Perception and Victimization Survey, The capital of the country has the highest perception of insecurity in 6 years.

Together with the Police, the District will hand out rewards of up to $20 million for information that allows to identify, prosecute and capture those responsible for a violent robbery.

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Mayor Claudia López indicated that each town in Bogotá has a list of the 10 most wanted recurring criminals, for which a reward of up to $20 million will also be given for information to capture them.

In addition to $10 million, for whoever delivers information about the perpetrator of a homicide, regardless of the motive for the act, and $50 million for people who provide information on terrorist acts.

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“We ask people to help us capture the appellants. These are people who have already stolen on several occasions but have been released because before the Citizen Security Law, this theft was considered minor.“, said the president.


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