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“Disaster you made my route”: it was not even inaugurated and it has already been destroyed, MOPC washes its hands

Rubén Andino, Vice Minister of Works, indicated to Universo / Nación Media radio that said section is in the execution stage because the work was not received. It is in charge of EDB Constructions – represented by Enrique Diaz Benza and has a budget of 63,976,460,119 guaraníes.

“If there were some problems at some points, we are analyzing with the contractor what the failures were. The Ministry of Works will not receive under these conditionsuntil the company responsible for the construction puts the work in conditions, “he said.

He also pointed out that for a year, after the delivery of the work, it will be checked that it does not present any type of inconvenience, and in the case of detecting any, the contractor company must necessarily solve the problem. “As things are, the company is responsible for correcting the errors detected”, he reiterated.

Most of the settlers in the area in question are engaged in agriculture and livestock, so it is important to have a permanent passable road. The residents mentioned that work began in the construction of the route in 2019 and had a term of 15 monthsbut it has not yet been delivered and is already destroyed in certain sections of its 47.5 km long.

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“We request the Public Works authorities the total reconstruction of this section because we see that it was really built irresponsibly. This work was going to bring progress to the citizens, but it really brought problems, the way it was built leaves much to be desired. We want an all-weather route and in these conditions it leaves much to be desired,” said Miguel Ángel Estigarribia, a resident of the area, in a chat with TRECE.

The entrance “Disaster you made my route”: it was not even inaugurated and it has already been destroyed, MOPC washes its hands was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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