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Director of the SII after rejection of tax reform and strategies to stop tax evasion: “We hope it is a temporary situation”

The director of the Internal Revenue Service (SII), Hernán Frigolett, referred to the consequences of rejecting the idea of ​​legislating the Government’s tax reform for the agency. According to Frigolett, without the implementation of the reform, the SII will not have the reinforcement of the tools that the proposal intended to incorporate to avoid tax avoidance and evasion.

In an interview with La Tercera, the authority explained: “we hope it is a temporary situation, but we have a set of tools that, by processing them properly, with more insistence and also taking advantage of the technology we have available, we can obtain valuable information.” In this sense, Frigolett highlighted the use of the SII database and the billing information in the electronic bills.

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Now, from the SII they await the approval of the measures proposed in the reform. The initiative, which was intended to gradually collect almost 3.6% of GDP, would have empowered the agency to carry out inspections and audits that allow “installing the tax social responsibility model.”

According to Frigolett, “regarding what is established today as a basis to show the treasury as a source of collection, the service has not given up on it, and with the current tools it will be more difficult, but we are sure that we can get ahead.”

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