'Survivor, the island of celebrities': former soccer player Wilder Medina was eliminated from the competition

‘Survivor, the island of celebrities’: former soccer player Wilder Medina was eliminated from the competition

Last Monday, March 27, the koi tribe faced to develop the individual test. The winner was Lina Real. During this competition, all the participants put in 100 to obtain that safety collar, but not all of them found the technique.

Despite Wilderhad had a good run winning these types of tests, this time the opportunity was not given.

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After this fact, there was a heavy coexistence in the white team. It is clear that nobody wants to leave, because the biggest prize is at stake. Also, because very soon there will be a unification and the teams will no longer exist.

Now, it should be noted that aco perezfrom the Amazons, had the opportunity to exercise your vote in this tribal council. He confirmed that he did not have a good relationship with Wilder Medinaso he wished he would get out of the competition.

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Therefore, after a moment of tension, Tatan Mejia counted the votes and it became known that the one eliminated on March 28 was Wilder Medina.

At his departure, Medina expressed that he has to learn to be more tolerant and value more the things he has at home. “I leave the coins to Eléider so that he can take advantage of them in the unification”, she affirmed.

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