Director of INAMU, Nellys Herrera, calls deputy Edison Broce a sexist.

After the deputy for the free application Edison Broce showed his disagreement with the approval in the third debate of Bill 811, which creates the Ministry of Women, considering it a ministry of ‘bottles’, ‘jugs’, ‘gallons’ and ‘half gallons’, the director of the National Institute for Women (INAMU), Nellys Herrera, called him a sexist, a slave owner and even a “murderer”; her for wanting to “kill the possibility of women having a voice in the cabinet.”

Exclusively for Radio Panama, Herrera said that although she cannot discriminate against Deputy Broce’s opinion, since “that is her right,” like him, she and the other women in the country have the right to have a voice in the cabinet. .

Regarding the fact that Broce has insinuated that the women who would work in this new ministry are “bottles”, she said that she currently holds a director’s position at INAMU, but with a deputy director’s salary, so her comments do not affect her.

“We are used to dealing with discrimination and violence from sexists like him, so that does not affect me at any time, because we are used to it,” he said.

Herrera emphasized that deputy Broce should not silence the voices of women in the country, since before becoming a government they demanded the creation of the Ministry of Women.
“But if this is his way of campaigning; that his teachers, his father and his mother judge them; because there will be times when we have to be judged as well and those fathers and mothers feel ashamed for the things that come out of the mouths of some people who have dedicated so much care and resources to it, “he added.

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