Director of Idaan reveals that a team from Israel will come to check the Taboga desalination plant

The director of the National Aqueduct and Sewer Institute (Idaan), Juan Antonio Ducruet, reported that a team of Israeli experts will travel to Taboga to review the island’s desalination plant.

The director pointed out that the problems of this plant are different from those of the others that they designed, since they bought this one and it does not have redundancy, that is, they do not have the necessary spare parts for its immediate repair and some of the parts that have replaced have had to be taken by plane, so they seek to provide a comprehensive solution to this plant that was purchased two administrations ago.

“Technicians from Israel come to do a comprehensive review. This was an issue that we had detected and that we had already planned to make a comprehensive improvement, not only the Taboga plant also has problems with the aqueduct, Taboga has a rural aqueduct that dates back more than 60 years is not enough for the island’s capacity or potential,” Ducuret told Telemetro.

Despite the problems currently facing the plant in its membranes, the director assured that in 10 days they hope to have them operational, however, he announced that they are aware that it will continue to fail, so they hope to be able to make a comprehensive repair.

He commented that the plant has presented more problems since the hydrocarbon spill occurred on the island.

On the other hand, the director of Idaan stated that an underground team will be conducting a search for underground wells lost from the previous system to provide this tourist community with a better response in the supply of drinking water.

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