Diplomatic service bill approved

Diplomatic service bill approved

The controversial bill “Of the diplomatic, consular, administrative and professional service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs” was approved in the Chamber of Senators, with some modifications regarding the expressions and formulations of the drafting of articles.

In this way, the project will now go to the Chamber of Deputies for study and subsequent acceptance or rejection. Probably, the analysis will be carried out for next year, after the parliamentary recess.

The study of the bill was developed with some difficulties, firstly when presenting its study, as there was a proposal, promoted by Senator Calé Galaverna of the ANR, to postpone the treatment. However, it was not supported and it ended up being treated on a regular basis as the second point of the day.

Subsequently, several parliamentarians withdrew gradually; Senator Sergio Godoy of the ANR, withdrew after his request to postpone the bill was not accepted. He himself argued that since he did not have an opinion from the Finance Commission, it should not be dealt with.

Galaverna also decided to withdraw to record her rejection of what was being treated. The same happened with the senator of the Patria Querida Party (PPQ) Georgia “Nani” Arrúa, who was absent with the rest of her bench “because everything was already resolved,” according to her comments.

The Guasu Front bench also withdrew, speaking of the existence of a majority that functions as a flattening force; the senators mentioned their wishes to present changes, but as there was no sign to study them, “they are not going to be lent to be approved as is,” they had stated from the bench.

With a majority of 25 senators, the study of the bill proceeded, which continued with some questions; This time on social networks, where the lack of seriousness on the part of the parliamentarians for the corresponding treatment was indicated, since many were not present and only left their cameras on at the time of voting.

At the request of the senator of the Democratic Progressive Party, Desirée Masi, the study of the bill was approved, article by article. Thus, reviewing each point of the law and modifying it in basic aspects, such as some expressions, the senators finally approved the bill with a large majority, among those present.

Before retiring due to personal problems, Senator Masi had stressed that entry into the ranks will continue to be carried out by opposition competition and “not in any other way as you want to install.”

Faced with the idea that “politicians” flood the Foreign Ministry, Masi ruled that most of the current consuls are politicians, also affirming the entry through the window of many diplomats. “Those of the administrative sector enter by contest. Enough of half truths; you can have a lot of PhD, but you must know how to defend the country, “he said.

Thus, it was ratified and clarified that proselytism is prohibited within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The public competition will continue to be established, both in the diplomatic and administrative services; for the latter, now they must access a better ranking for their work.

On the other hand, to demonstrate the benefits granted to certain sectors in the Foreign Ministry, the senator for the ANR, Lilian Samaniego, reiterated what happened in 2019, given the massive postponement of the economic geographical matter, when it was eliminated so that many were not out of income.

The contest was annulled instead of declaring the contest void and in Spanish the score was also lowered because no contestant reached it, “this for the privileged to enter,” Senator Samaniego had confirmed, stating that those who entered through the window will no longer enter 2023.

On the subject, the senator for the PLRA, Fernando Silva Facetti had remarked that when Horacio Cartes took office as president and appointed a large number of consuls, no one said anything, as they do now, when it will not even take place. “Ultimately it depends on who makes the appointments, not on the law itself,” he said.

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