Dina Boluarte announces meeting of the National Agreement for this Monday

Dina Boluarte announces meeting of the National Agreement for this Monday

The president reported that next Monday, January 9, the seeking to promote dialogue between all political actors and authorities. This includes the new regional governors who were sworn in at the start of 2023.

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“Next Monday is the meeting of the National Agreement, a forum in which all political and social forces, business unions, workers, churches and society are represented and where we will address urgent issues to achieve social peace”announced the president during her participation in the third anniversary of the National Justice Board.

“In this meeting, the heads of the institutions that make up the Council of State and the new regional governors elected by our population will participate for the first time”he added.


After almost 30 days of government, the president He thanked the citizens who decided to bet on protesting peacefully and, once again, he emphasized the importance of dialogue to meet social demands in the country.

“The right to peaceful protest ends when other rights are violated, and that implies blocking roads and not letting people move freely in spaces that have been blocked,” said the president during the press conference she held after the Council of Ministers.

Boluarte also made a call to the protesters: “To you, who are in the streets, from the Executive, we extend our hand and heart. We go to your regions or you come to the Government House to talk about what leads you to protest”.


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