Did your dream come true?  Luis Díaz attended the wedding of his parents in La Guajira

Did your dream come true? Luis Díaz attended the wedding of his parents in La Guajira

The Liverpool player is back home enjoying his vacation.

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Luis Díaz is already in Colombia after a successful season with Liverpool in England, where he was one of the top figures of his team in the championship and Champions League auction.

The peasant visited Barrancas, his homeland, and there he met several personalities from the town, among them, an elderly man named “Chid”, who gave him a natural vinegar made from vegetables.

Díaz, former Junior from Barranquilla and Porto de Portugal, was very pleased with this detail and thanked his fan for their unconditional support.

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At night, the 24-year-old soccer player, attacking winger of the Colombian National Team, attended his parents’ wedding, an event that had a family reception, very sober with few guests.

Cilenys and Luis are the parents of the player born in Barrancas La Guajira. The couple had not married in church and their son fulfilled this wish on Saturday night, when the parents of the Liverpool striker from England got married in a church in his hometown.

In the middle of the Catholic ceremony, Luis Díaz had a few words for his parents, who wished them success in their life as newlyweds: “I love them very much, they are my reason for being,” said the player.

Images of the religious ceremony and the party held at the Hotel Iparú in the municipality of Barrancas have been shared through social networks.

At the party ‘Lucho’ was next to his wife Geraldine Ponce and his brothers, Roller and Jesús Manuel, who are also soccer players.

The parents of ‘Lucho’ danced a vallenato of ‘Los Betos’, one of the moments that made the audience happier.

In the following video you can see that particular dance:

Cover Photo: Screenshot

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