Díaz Santana proposes improvements to the workers’ pension

The social security expert Arismendy Diaz Santana proposes that in the amendment to the Social Security Law It is established that from the age of 60 workers can retire and request their pension, “provided that the amount of the accumulated retirement fund guarantees a minimum pension of 60% of the average quoted salary.”

Regarding the full pension for old age, it states that “contributing workers must have reached 66 years of age and reached a minimum of 400 contributions throughout their work history.”

Díaz Santana presented those proposals in the Economic and social Councilbody that coordinates the debates that are carried out to modify the aforementioned law.

In his suggestions, he also adds that the workers of the contributory regime be guaranteed a minimum pension of 100%, for those who earn an average monthly contribution salary of the last year, equal to or less than 60% of the minimum salary national

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Likewise, a basic pension of 70% for workers with a salary greater than one and less than two national minimum wages, and a pension of 60% for those who earn a salary greater than two minimum wages.

In relation to low-income employees over 65 years of age, Díaz Santana considers that a Social Solidarity Fund should be created to complete the minimum pension.

According to his proposal, the fund will be financed by workers and employers, with a contribution of 2.25%, and another state contribution of 0.5% of the contribution salary.

“The contribution of self-employed workers will not be subject to the contribution to the Social Solidarity Fund,” says the expert.

Díaz Santana also argues that in the reform of Law 87-01 all health insurance and pension plans that operate outside the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS) must be eliminated, and that they be incorporated into current insurance.

“The Superintendencies of Pensions (SIPEN) and Health and Occupational Risks (SISALRIL) will submit to the CNSS the process of dissolution and transfer of all health insurance and pension plans that operate outside the SDSS, within a period not exceeding three months, counted from the enactment of this Law. The process of dissolution and transfer will be carried out in a period not exceeding six months”.

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