Álvaro Delgado attended the launch of the Relay for Life 2022

The event will be held on October 1 at the Montevideo Athletics Track, as a way to collaborate in the fight against cancer. The day will include activities, shows and the participation of the teams that worked on the economic collection during the last months. “It is a just cause, when one knows it and gets involved, inevitably, one commits”, said the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado.

The launch took place this Wednesday the 17th at the Executive Tower. The president of the Peluffo Giguens Foundation, Alejandro Barrere, also participated; the director Jorge Bartesaghi and the coordinator of Relay for Life, Sabrina Fisher.

“It is a day full of symbolism, emotion and hope,” said Delgado, referring to the traditional event, adding that his presence at the launch is due to the need to support and disseminate this type of cause from the State, which he considered “absolutely fair and human.”

He highlighted the work of Pelufo Giguens, the solidarity of the companies, the people who collaborate and the volunteers. The hierarch recalled some achievements of said organization such as the construction of the day hospital for children in Pereira Rosell and the La Campana home, which provides accommodation and psychosocial support to children and families from other departments so that they can carry out their treatments in Montevideo.

In that sense, he explained that 60% of the treatments correspond to families that do not reside in the capital. In addition, she celebrated the new objective of remodeling the area of ​​the day hospital of the Oncology service of the Women’s Hospital.

“This is a cause for hope and for life, but also for those who are no longer here because they lost the battle, for them it is our greatest commitment to give a little more every day”, concluded.

For his part, Barrere pointed out that the Relay for Life is an international movement to fight cancer that was adopted in Uruguay in 2017, with the aim of meeting and celebrating the lives of those who have ever been diagnosed with cancer, remember loved ones who have died from the disease and strengthen teamwork.

He explained that part of the event involves activities in teams that can be made up of family, friends or co-workers. The objective of each team is to develop one or more fundraising activities between the months of July and September. He added that on the day of the event the slogan will be that at least one member of each team walk around the track “passing the baton” to the rest to honor life.

In addition, he reported that everything raised by the teams and the sponsors’ shares will go to the operation of the Hogar la Campana and the remodeling of the area of ​​the day hospital of the oncology service of the Hospital de la Mujer, where outpatient treatments of chemotherapy to women across the country. Presidency

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