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Díaz-Canel receives journalists from the Putinist outlet Russia Today

MADRID, Spain.- Directors and journalists of the international television network RussiaToday (RT) in Spanish were received this Tuesday by Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Via Twitterthe president described the meeting as “very pleasant” and noted that “they held a useful workshop” with their Communication team “to exchange experiences, especially their work on social networks.”

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the signal of RussiaToday it was suspended by several nations due to its impartiality in the conflict.

The Putinist outlet has been denounced by the United States and the European Union for being directed by the Russian government; as well as for disinformation and propaganda in support of the Kremlin.

Posture of the regime before other foreign media

On this occasion, journalists from RT they were personally received by the Cuban president. However, when it comes to media with an editorial line that moves away from the interests of the regime, they are rejected and even banned.

It is worth remembering in this regard the withdrawal of the accreditations, by the Cuban repressive authorities, from the journalists of the Spanish news agency EFE who reported from the Island. The credentials were withdrawn in November 2021, one day before the established date. for the Civic March for Change. They were not returned to the entire team until February of this year.

In January, when they were still not restored, the president of EFE, Gabriela Canasannounced that the agency was questioning their permanence in Cuba, due to the restrictions that made it impossible to practice journalism freely.

Situation of independent journalists in Cuba

The repression unleashed against independent Cuban journalists on the island is even worse.

At the beginning of this month, the organization that defends Human Rights, Article 19, called on the Cuban government “to guarantee freedom of the press, independence and pluralism as prerequisites to guarantee information as a public good of societies ”.

Just as he denounced that “in Cuba the systematic violence against dissident voices and independent journalists allows hundreds of people to be subject to criminal proceedings that have no chance of effective justice.”

For its part, the Inter-American Press Association (Yep) last April denounced the repression against independent journalists in Cuba.

During its Mid-Year Meeting, the IAPA considered: “The epidemic that most affects the country is repression, which rebounded in the last semester with severe sentences for citizens who participated in the protests of July 11, 2021.”

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