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DGAC confirms normal operations at Santa Cruz airports

DGAC confirms normal operations at Santa Cruz airports

Iván García, executive director of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), confirmed that air operations at the El Trompillo and Viru Viru airports in Santa Cruz resumed this Thursday, the 29th. civil aviation safety and operational safety standards, in accordance with current regulations, so normality is restored in both terminals.

On the other hand, he reported that Domestic and international flights are being rescheduled suspended Wednesday afternoon. As of this Thursday, all airport services, including customs, immigration and Senasag, operate regularly.

“The operations of the Viru Viru International Airport respond to specific international civil aviation security protocols; these are fully valid, which is independent of the conditions outside the aerodrome. As long as the passengers can reach the Viru Viru station, they will be able to meet the transportation needs by air,” said García in relation to the civic strike announced for this Friday the 30th.

According to government information, Navegación Aérea y Aeropuertos Bolivianos (Naabol) and the airline Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) lost around Bs 1.2 million for taking and suspending flights at the Viru Viru and El Trompillo airports last Wednesday. Self-summoned people interrupted operations at both airports as a protest action against the apprehension of the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho.


According to ABI, the bus departures from the terminals of La Paz and El Alto to Santa Cruz were suspended -until further notice- due to roadblocks; however, trips to the other departments of the country are normal.

“The Transit Operational Unit (UOT) has identified that It is not safe, there are no guarantees for the buses; therefore, there are no exits to this department since yesterday at eight o’clock at night,” he said. the director of the La Paz Bus Terminal, Américo Gemio.

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