Determine blockade and indefinite vigil in Tarija for the restitution of Law 206

Determine blockade and indefinite vigil in Tarija for the restitution of Law 206

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Authorities and leaders of social organizations in some provinces of Tarija determined the blockade of roads and an indefinite vigil in the Interior to demand the restitution of Law 206, repealed last week in the Departmental Legislative Assembly. The norm assigned 1% to eight municipalities for direct administration of their co-participation resources.

“They have repealed Law 206 that benefits the population of San Lorenzo, today we are here in this indefinite strike, we are not going to lift this. All sectors of the municipality of San Lorenzo, the peasant central and other institutions are added. I want to ask the people to join this just cause, because the money that arrived in the municipality of San Lorenzo will not arrive again, ”said the mayor of San Lorenzo, Asunción Ramos (MAS).

The authority said that the municipality will be affected with approximately 12 million bolivianos. “This is the Christmas bonus that he gives us, this is the slap he gives us to the provinces,” he remarked.

The blockers indicated that if necessary they will continue with their protest at “Christmas, New Years and even Carnival” if the direct administration of 1% is not restored.

Likewise, some MAS assembly members and leaders of other organizations took over the Interior and installed a vigil, also demanding the reinstatement of Law 206.

“As departmental Assembly members we have wanted the eight municipalities to respect each other so that this 1% reaches them in projects in health, education (…) The people are wise and will know why they are here and until when they will be,” said the assembly member of the MAS Osvaldo Yucra.

“We are all Tarija, I respect the 1%”, “Montes traitor”, “Tarija is respected, 1% for all”, reads some of the signs placed on the front of the Departmental government building.

Departmental Law 206 established in its article 3: “The Autonomous Departmental Government of Tarija, through the Departmental Executive Body, will budget a minimum of 8% of the Departmental resources for hydrocarbon royalties.”

The same article indicates that the municipalities of San Lorenzo, El Puente, Yunchara, Uriondo, Entre Ríos, Padcaya, Bermejo and Tarija will each receive at least 1% of these resources.

Instead of Law 206, Law No. 010 / 2021-2022 on “Allocation of departmental investment resources in the municipal territorial scope” was approved, which maintains 1% of royalties in favor of the municipalities, but allows those resources are administered between the mayors, subgovernments and social organizations.

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