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Despite the priest’s prohibition, they carried out the “vito” of money in Guarambaré

A complaint was filed with the National Anticorruption Secretariat for alleged schemerism and improper collection against the Paraguayan ambassador to Russia, Víctor Verdún, who months ago was appointed by Marito Abdo for that position, but to date he still has not traveled to that country.

The new Paraguayan ambassador to Russia, Víctor Verdún, was sworn in five months ago to occupy this position, but has not yet traveled to assume that position, under the argument of the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict that is developing. Despite continuing in our country, the authority receives his salary normally.

Faced with this situation, the diplomatic authority was denounced this Wednesday before the National Anti-Corruption Secretariat, under the alleged act of “planning” and “improper collection” of their assets.

The description details that on Tuesday, March 22, the head of state, Mario Abdo Benítez, in the midst of a series of new diplomatic appointments, assigned Víctor Alfredo Verdún Bittar as the new Paraguayan representative to the Russian Federation.

However, to date he still has not traveled to Russia, nor does he perform functions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to the complaint made. “He does not keep time, in the Ministry they do not know where his office is or what he does, on the Foreign Ministry’s website it appears that he is in the Russian Embassy but he is not there, and he receives his salary without working”, refers the document presented .

The complaint details the amounts that he has been receiving as salary: G 70 million in January, 70 million in February, 81 million in March, 70 million in April, 81 million in May and 64 million in June, giving a total of more than 500 million guaranies. This without adding the amounts for the months of July and August.

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