Despite instructions from Evo, Cuéllar and Ponce obtain the support of the Eastern Bloc of the MAS

Despite instructions from Evo, Cuéllar and Ponce obtain the support of the Eastern Bloc of the MAS

In an open challenge to the decisions of the MAS leadership, the so-called East Bloc of that party analyzed what is happening internally with the leader Angélica Ponce and the deputy Rolando Cuéllar, both received the support of all the attending organizations to the meeting that was headed by the Vice President, David Choquehuanca. In addition, they decided to defend the departmental head of the MAS, Marco Fernández and will not accept his change.

“We are stronger than ever, the line given by the President (Luis Arce) and the Vice President (David Choquehuanca) is to take care of the leaders that are emergingThat’s why it’s important to listen to the grassroots. Most of the municipalities have requested a new MAS congress, but they have also decided to ignore the call of the national leadership for Santa Cruz”, Ponce recounted at the end of the meeting with the Vice President in environments of the Bimodal terminal of Santa Cruz.

The second president arrived this Friday in the eastern capital to meet with the block of which he has all the support and the agenda was “analysis of the situation”, which was declared behind closed doors. At the end of the afternoon, the conclusion was support for the two protesting leaders of the MAS national leadership.

According to Ponce’s explanation, the national leadership of his party headed by Evo Morales and Gerardo García issued a resolution instructing the holding of a departmental congress to elect a new regional chief. The instruction was rejected because the leader Marcos Fernández has only been in office for a year and they must wait for the next one to renew the departmental directive.

Evo Morales had appointed the former candidate and former ambassador, Mario Cronenbold, as departmental leader of the East Bloc, but was unable to establish his mandate. The organizations that attended this event ratified Fernández and will not allow another election.

“There has been full support for Angélica and Rolando”, summed up the Cochabamba leader, while her party colleague (Cuéllar) was in La Paz awaiting the conclusion of the meeting.

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