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Deputy Vlado Mirosevic will present a proposal for economic sanctions for parliamentary delays on Wednesday

The president of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, Vlado Mirosevic (PL), reported that this coming Wednesday, March 22, he will present a proposal to financially penalize all those parliamentarians who arrive late to carry out their duties before the Corporation committees.

The also president of the Liberal Party made the announcement on Tuesday morning, after arriving at a room session that had already begun. After the news, Mirosevic was questioned by his peers for having made the announcement and not informing the various committees.

“The table is not present and it is 10:00, they are not opening the session. The question is whether they will be fined or not,” said deputy Francisco Undurraga, from Evópoli, while the session was chaired by Vice President Carlos Bianchi in the testera.

For his part, parliamentarian Nelson Venegas (PS), stated that “it is worrying that the board is not defending the prestige of the Corporation.”

“We all go out to give press conferences, we all go out to commission, many times, it is part of the natural parliamentary function, where we are politicians, we are not at home when we are not here in the room, but we are also exercising part of our role,” he said.

After his arrival, Mirosevic announced that “just to clarify, the House table is going to present a proposal to the committees tomorrow and we will have to discuss whether you agree or not.”

To this, he added that what is sought with the measure is “to impose order, that there be respect and that Chilean society can be calm that the rules in the Chamber are clear and harsh regarding non-compliance.”

Finally, the leader of the Corporation concluded that “I told those who questioned us this morning, we are not going to change our minds, tomorrow we are going to propose a discount table for parliamentary allowances for those who arrive late.”

It should be remembered that during the day last Monday, Mirosevic, together with the vice presidents Catalina Pérez (RD) and Carlos Bianchi (Ind), announced that they were working on a proposal to establish discounts on the parliamentary diet for those who arrive late to the chamber or their respective commissions.

This, after a report by Chilevision where they showed how different parliamentarians arrived minutes and even hours late to carry out their duties within the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies.

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