Deputy Pérez (RD) for internal tension in Chile Vamos: “There are sectors that find it more relevant to perpetuate the crisis, as long as it hits the government”

The deputy Catalina Pérez addressed the conversations that are taking place in Congress for the agreement to enable a new constitutional process. In her opinion, “it has been a complex conversation, because we don’t know if Chile Vamos is going to keep her word.” Within the opposition coalition, according to the parliamentarian and member of the Democratic Revolution (DR), “there are sectors that consider it more important to perpetuate the crisis, as long as it hits the government.”

It is worth mentioning that the debate on the continuity of the constituent process is experiencing a crucial moment within the opposition. The idea of ​​a mixed council, made up of conventional experts and experts, all with the right to vote – and the latter elected according to parliamentary representation – is beginning to gain strength within the coalition. However, there are still wide divisions as to whether the experts should be appointed by Congress, voted on by the citizenry, or should be former officials.

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Reiterating her party’s commitment to be able to advance in a new agreement that re-enables the constitutional process, deputy Pérez told Third that although there are sectors on the right that seem much more relevant to make a “political rooster” with the government of President Gabriel Boric. In turn, “there are other sectors that understand the relevance of the process, the need for changes and closing cycles. Even as an opportunity to give rise to a new political generation on the right.”

“I hope that in Chile Vamos, dialogue voices prevail,” said the caucus leader and former president of the DR, adding that “having a failed constitutional process is not a triumph for a political sector, it is above all a defeat for Chile and its democracy.” “.

“I would love for the agreement to be reached as soon as possible, but I understand that there are those who need to give it one more turn, there is an order that we have not seen within Chile Let’s go,” said deputy Pérez.

Regarding the role of the Executive, the congresswoman pointed out that “not knowing that the government has a role in this process is not fully understanding what we are playing for.” Let’s remember, for example, she said, “that it is the government that has to take charge of the expense incurred by the process and beyond the government in power, the State has to be present in the most important institutional process in decades.”

“We need them to give their opinion. Obviously, they should not be protagonists of the process,” added Deputy Pérez, highlighting the actions that have been carried out by La Moneda to promote the constituent process.

“You can never be afraid of democracy. But in no case is the failed constitutional process -and the support for Rejection- a triumph of a political sector,” he stressed.

The presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, Álvaro Elizalde (PS) and Raúl Soto (PPD), respectively, announced on Wednesday afternoon the postponement of the meeting between parties to address the constituent process. The meeting was scheduled for Thursday. However, Chile Vamos was subtracted from the meeting and asked that the Government not be in the talks. This, after the government spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, assessed the first agreements reached by the parties on Monday. That day, the opposition coalition ignored those minimum floors.

“We are going to convene a session next week. We will communicate the date in a timely manner”, affirmed the helmsman of the Senate.

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