Bad Bunny helps buy a house for a girl who survived the massacre in Uvalde, Texas

Bad Bunny helps buy a house for a girl who survived the massacre in Uvalde, Texas

A story is going viral on the Internet starring bad bunnysince everything seems to indicate that the urban genre singer he showed off contributing a large sum of money towards the purchase of a house of a minor affected by massacre of May 24 in Uvalde (Texas).

According to international media, the puerto rican artist joined a campaign that started a foundation called Strap Familywhich seeks to provide the minor Mayah Zamora and her nuclear family a place to live, this after they found out that a few blocks from their home lived the man who would have committed the crime he left lifeless 21 people.

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It should be remembered, that Mayah Zamora, only 10 years old, was a victim of the massacre and therefore, remained more than 2 months in the hospital being cared for, since she had to undergo nearly 20 surgeries for the injuries he suffered on his body.

This event in the life of Mayah Zamora made the minor not want to return home, which is why, thinking about her mental and physical health, the organization decided to take sides and start collecting donations of which Bad Bunny was part.

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The contribution of ‘Bad Rabbit’ was made through his ‘Good Bunny Foundation’, a noble act that the artist complemented with invitation from Mayah Zamora and her family to her concert in Dallas.

It should be noted that other Reggaeton singers like Wisin and Yandel also joined the noble cause. Congratulations!

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