Diputado Luis Martínez AD retoma sus principios originarios

Deputy Luis Martínez: AD is reviewing its original principles

The vice president of the Special Commission for Dialogue, Peace and National Reconciliation of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Luis Eduardo Martínez, for Democratic Action (AD), asserted this Tuesday that the political organization, which he represents, is in a process of reviewing the democratic principles that underlie the statutes of the partisan faction.

during the program In the airbroadcast by Venezuelan Television (VTV), the legislator reaffirmed that AD advances in the realization of its original principles and “the most important thing is that we currently maintain an anti-imperialist position and proclaim ourselves lovers of freedom and democratic solutions.”

“Democratic Action, the legitimate AD, is deeply convinced that the original principles are what we must follow,” said Martínez on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the AD party, established on May 11, 1941 as a leftist party.

In this sense, he stressed that they are working to reconnect the party with the popular sectors and, in addition, in updating the theses and programs of the organization.

He also said that the party will have a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

The political organization was born in the house of Rómulo Gallegos, an opportunity in which the first Board of Directors was elected, which, in addition to Gallegos, included Andrés Eloy Blanco, Luis Mosquera, Julio Ramos, Luis Lander, Ricardo Montilla, Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo, Arturo Briceno and Luis Beltran Prieto Figueroa.


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