Deputy Andrés Celis (RN) will request the assistance of Jair Bolsonaro in the Investigative Commission on fires that affected the Metro in 2019

Deputy Andres Celis (RN) said that he will invite the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, to the Investigative Commission of the Chamber of Deputies on the fires that affected the Santiago Metro during 2019, within the framework of the social outbreak. The parliamentarian’s announcement comes after Bolsonaro linked the President Gabriel Boric with those crashes.

During a presidential debate held on Sunday, the Brazilian President summoned the opposition candidate Lula da Silva for his relationship with different heads of state. “Who did the ex-convict support? Mature in Venezuela. Do you see where the autonomy of our Argentina is going? Lula supported the President of Chile, who practiced acts of setting fire to the Metro. She supported Ortega, who carries out acts of religious persecution,” Bolsonaro asserted.

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Before the words of the President of Brazil, deputy Celis told Radio Bio Bio that “I am part of the Commission (investigator) of the burning of the Metro and I am going to formally request, via the Foreign Ministry, that President Bolsonaro be invited to give us the alleged background information that he would have.”

Celis affirmed that the head of state has no background to prove Boric’s participation in the Metro fires. “But if he is able to say that he has data that the President of the Republic participated (in the burning of the Metro), if he has that personality, then we are going to invite him,” commented the legislator.

“I have no doubt that it is most likely that he will not answer us, that he will not attend, but I absolutely condemn him,” continued the RN deputy.

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