Court orders arrest of German consul in Rio

Court orders arrest of German consul in Rio

The Justice of Rio accepted the complaint from the Public Ministry and decreed the preventive detention of the German consul, Uwe Herbert Hahn, 60 years old. He is accused of the death of her husband, the Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, 52, on August 5 in the couple’s penthouse, on Rua Nascimento e Silva, in Ipanema.Court orders arrest of German consul in Rio

The decision is by Judge Gustavo Kalil, of the 4th Criminal Court of the Capital, of the Court of Justice of Rio, who also determined the inclusion of the name of the consul in the list of fugitives of Interpol, because the accused had boarded on Sunday (28) to Germany.

“I verify that the fact is very recent, in theory perpetrated on August 5 of this year, with the accused allegedly taking the life of his spouse Walter Henir Maximilien Biot, for allegedly clumsy reasons, alleged feeling of possession, in theory a little cruel, severe beating and recourse that would have made it difficult to defend the victim. Thus, at the request of the MP, I decree the preventive detention of Uwe Herbert Hahn”.


After having the prison relaxed, due to a habeas corpus obtained on the 25th of this month, the consul embarked on Sunday for Germany. Thus, the judge ordered the dispatch to the Federal Police, reporting the existence of a warrant for his arrest, to include him in Interpol’s international bank of wanted and fugitives.


The crime took place on the night of August 5, in the penthouse where the couple lived, in the Ipanema neighborhood. According to the report of the police investigation, the victim had more than 30 injuries to the head, trunk and limbs, indicating a beating. Belgian Walter Biot’s cause of death was head trauma. According to the complaint from the Public Ministry, “the crime was committed using a cruel means: severe beating to which the victim was subjected, causing intense and unnecessary suffering.

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