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Deputies sanction money laundering controls on clubs and tobacco companies

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Deputies sanction money laundering controls on clubs and tobacco companies

The Chamber of Deputies approved the Senate version of the bill that modifies articles 13, 25 and 28 of Law 1,015/1,997, “What prevents and represses illicit acts aimed at legitimizing money or goods”, modified by the laws 3783/2009 and 6797/2021.

Now it goes to the Executive for its promulgation or veto.

It should be remembered that the Senate version consisted of clubs and tobacco companies being included in the list of Obliged Subjects (SO) of the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering (Seprelad). While the version of deputies established that the controls should be carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) and not by Seprelad.

For the approval of the deputies version, 41 votes were needed, but the votes ended with 40 votes against 40. With this, the Senate version was approved.


Édgar Acosta, national deputy for the PLRA, affirmed that it is a very important project for transparency, and to “complicate” the existence of those who are dedicated to laundering assets in our country in the economic, sports and political spheres. .

“There is unfair competition between companies. They buy any company from you, it doesn’t matter if it generates profits. They buy hotels from you no matter if they are closed. There is unfair competition between clubs with huge payments to players who do not match the market. And how do you compete against a politician who finances his campaign with illicit money?” she pointed out.

Acosta asked during the debate that the vote be nominal and that each of the legislators, with the camera on, cast their vote clearly and concisely, something that was questioned by several legislators.

Walter Harms, national deputy for the ANR (Chartism), described as arbitrary and imperative what Acosta requested regarding the voting mechanism.

“There is a regulation that must be followed and abide by. He almost didn’t ask us to stand firm and with our hands on our visors in order to vote.

Justo Zacarías Irún, national deputy for the ANR (chartist), lamented that industrialists have been persecuted for a long time, especially Horacio Cartes.

“That is true, they cannot deny it. They are doing it systematically. This adefecio on legislates, ”she pointed out.


Several legislators who did not speak during the debate and senators who followed the session.

“Long live Paraguay, the Law that establishes the control of tobacco companies and sports clubs was sanctioned, after 7 years of perseverance by Deputy Édgar Acosta and with a worthy tie in this period. Long live democracy and transparency. Dirty money is synonymous with corruption and death,” Kattya González, national deputy for PEN, posted on social media.

“The third time’s the charm. We won by one vote, in favor of the fight against money laundering, so that sports clubs and tobacco companies are obligated subjects of control by Seprelad. Today the Paraguayan people won,” said Deputy José Rodríguez of the PLRA.

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