Deputies honored Carlos Julio Pereyra 100 years after his birth

Deputies honored Carlos Julio Pereyra 100 years after his birth

The Chamber of Deputies, with the presence of President Luis Lacalle Pou in the bars, paid tribute to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the nationalist leader and founder of the National Movement of Rocha, Carlos Julio Pereyra, who died in 2020.

The session began with a speech by the nationalist deputy Federico Cassareto who recounted Pereyra’s career and how he grew up to become a prestigious politician.

“If you go through the city of Rocha, you know that you enter the cobbled city until a few blocks later the asphalt begins. That asphalt that exists in Rocha to this day was built in the departmental government of Carlos Julio Pereyra,” he narrated. And he continued: “For 40 years he was linked to this house (Parliament). Few figures record this house with such permanence“.

In turn, he commented on the interpellations he made together with Wilson Ferreira Aldunate to ministers in the 1960s. “The interpellation of the year 67 to the Minister of Industry, Peirano Facio, is the only example in the history of Uruguay where the path of censorship was traveled“, he explained. “They were forceful complaints,” he said.

Then the Frente Amplista deputy Alfredo Fratti took the floor, who pointed out that Carlos Julio Pereyra is a member of “that gallery of important men like Batlle, Seregni, Michelini and some of his own party like Wilson and Toba Gutierrez Ruiz, who transcend their own community“. “They deserve to be remembered because they have left us all a very important legacy,” he said. In turn, he stressed that Pereyra joined the green vote commission so that the Expiration Law would not be approved.

For his part, Deputy Felipe Schipani said that paying homage to Carlos Julio Pereyra was paying homage to “a true and unwavering democrat, who was banned, and who wanted to assassinate him along with Luis Alberto Lacalle and Mario Heber“. “He was a determining actor to confront tyranny as in the plebiscite of 1980 and the act of 1982.”

On the other hand, the independent deputy Iván Posada maintained that Carlos Julio Pereyra honored the “Parliament and Politics”. And the nationalist deputy for Rocha, Milton Corbo, defined him as the politician “most important in the history of Rocha“.

In the bars, apart from Lacalle, were the nationalist senators as well as the ministers Javier García, Luis Alberto Heber and the secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado.

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