Blanca Eekhout: we must recover the citizens' assemblies

Blanca Eekhout: we must recover the citizens’ assemblies

The deputy to the National Assembly, Blanca Eekhout, assured this Tuesday that in the national deployment for public consultation towards the Transformation of the Laws of Popular Power, the aim is to rescue the citizen assemblies.

The parliamentarian referred to the articulation process that is being carried out by the national government.

“This call is important, we have started a review to start the simplification of procedures, we are working on deepening the exercise of delegated democracy to build the participatory and leading role. It is necessary the the collective action and recover the citizen assembly, “he explained.

He assured that during the debate they have considered contributions made by the constituent, “the deployment methodology has trained brigades for its evaluation,” he added.

He stressed the importance of street parliamentarianism to know the opposition of the communities.

Eekhout added that for this consultation the digital platforms will be activated so that people can make their contributions.

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