Deputies condemn acts of the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua

In the space of the motions of treatment of On Tables, during the last ordinary session of last week, the plenary session of Deputies approved the draft declaration “That condemns the acts of the dictatorial regime and State terrorism of the Government of Daniel Ortega, president from Nicaragua”.

Congressman Eusebio Alvarenga (PLRA-Guairá) is the designer, who assured that the presentation of the document was motivated by the acts committed against essential human rights and in relation to the freedom of people, in terms of expression, religion and other consecrated rights. in current positive international law.

During his speech before the plenary session, the legislator expressed his concern about the latest episodes in Nicaragua, where “a painful, aberrant and unfortunate situation affects people.” In that sense, he said that Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, is violating all principles of freedom of expression, ideological freedom, among others.

“We must express our solidarity with the ecclesiastical hierarchy of Nicaragua in the face of these attacks against religious freedom and confirm our commitment to a democratic and republican form of government in all its expressions,” he said.

He reiterated that it is an extremely serious case that has to arouse concern and, at the very least, as a democratic congress, “have a position, generate a reflection and, of course, send our version of this situation of political catastrophe that is affecting a lot” , sentenced.

He also said that it is a perfect dictatorship. “There are already five consecutive terms; it is a dictatorial government that is undermining the democratic roots and subjugating all the institutions and all the powers”, he remarked.

According to the legislator, there are approximately 200 political prisoners and around 200 closed non-governmental organizations.

It is worth noting that a few months ago the UN Human Rights Council approved a document with the aim of “collecting, preserving and analyzing information and evidence on human rights violations, identifying those responsible.” There, concern is expressed about “the deterioration of democracy and the situation of human rights in Nicaragua.”

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