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Deputies cancel another 100 NGOs, including the “Justo Rufino Garay” Theater

On August 11, the National Assembly, controlled by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, canceled another hundred Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), including the “Justo Rufino Garay” Theater Association, the Rubén Darío Foundation, the Manyangna Students and the Nicaraguan Environmental Movement (MAN); with which it adds 1406 NGOs canceled in 2022.

The closure of the NGOs was requested, as on previous occasions, by Sandinista deputy Filiberto Rodríguez, president of the Peace and Governance Commission, who accuses the organizations of not registering as foreign agents and failing to comply with the General Law of Regulation and Control. of Non-Profit Organizations or Law 1115, approved last March.

Others of the new 100 NGOs canceled are: Association for Community Development; Central American Foundation 2000; Rubén Darío International Civil Foundation; Association of Democratic Jurists of Nicaragua; Civil Association Center for Counseling and Women and Family Services; Association of Ecclesial Base Ecumenical and Service Communities; Association of Organizations of Central American Agricultural Producers for Cooperation and Development; and the Nicaraguan Foundation for Responsible Environmental Development.

Also outlawed: Association of Telecommunications University Professionals of Nicaragua; Nicaraguan League Against Cancer; Nicaraguan Civil Foundation; Nicaraguan Association for Women; Association for Integration and Help for the Deaf; Association for Communal Development of Managua; Nicaraguan Foundation Against Cancer in Health and Welfare; Central American Foundation; Quixote Center for Nicaragua; Faith and Hope Association for Children; The Thought Foundation; Nicaraguan Dental Association; and the Nicaraguan Microentrepreneur Association for Bread Producers.

Last Tuesday, August 6, the Assembly canceled its first hundred this month, which included the Association of Historical Combatants and Collaborators of the Sandinista National Liberation Front of Chinandega on September 9.

The Ortega-Murillo regime, in the last year, has unleashed a hunt against non-profit organizations that operate in the country, leaving thousands of Nicaraguans unemployed and without the benefits that these NGOs granted.

National and international organizations have denounced arbitrary closure of these NGOs. The United Nations Organization (UN), last July, pointed out that they are worrying all these cancellations and would have a chilling effect on activists and human rights defenders across the country.

Here is the complete list of the hundred NGOs canceled this August 11

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