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Deputies approve reform to avoid “Chinese charges” in scholarships and pensions

Georgina Saldierna and Enrique Mendez

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday, September 30, 2022, p. 9

In order to protect scholarships and pensions that are delivered to combat poverty, the Chamber of Deputies approved a reform to the Constitution which defines that the social support granted by the State is unattachable by financial institutions.

“This reform will put an end to the ‘Chinese style’ charges applied by financial institutions without exhausting due process,” explained Morena’s vice-coordinator, Aleida Alavez Ruiz.

During yesterday’s session, the plenary session of the chamber also endorsed another modification to the same article of the Constitution to replace the term decent housing for the of adequate housing as part of social rights. In addition, it was specified that a person, and not just a family, has the right to a adequate housing.

That is, explained the president of the Housing Commission, Lilia Aguilar Gil (PT): people, whether or not they have a family or are part of one or not, can access credits for a home. In the case of adequate housing, it has to do with security of tenure, availability of services, materials, facilities and infrastructure, affordability, habitability, accessibility, location and cultural appropriateness..

Regarding the reform to defend income from pensions and scholarships, Alavez Ruiz stated that it is not intended to avoid debt collection, but rather that financial institutions do not obtain financial support from the most vulnerable people, resources that must have a special protection from the Constitution.

It is essential to generate the necessary conditions to provide the greatest possible protection to these resources and prevent them from being used for the collection, without prior due legal process, of any type of debt.abounded.

Meanwhile, Lilia Aguilar explained that currently the Constitution provides for the right of families to have a home dignified and decorousa completely subjective conception that facilitated developments with houses of 50 or 60 meters, completely far from workplaces, lacking services and transportation, and in areas where insecurity prevails.

In overcrowding, 48 million

This led to 38.4 percent of the Mexican population living in inadequate housing. That is, in the country 9 million houses are inadequate, 48 million people live in overcrowding, 14 million houses suffer from lag associated with income level.

Eight out of 10 houses were built in estates that should not have been authorized, but were allowed by the authorities. Another 30 million people live in a state of irregularity, he lamented.

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