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Delivery of 2022 Income Tax returns exceeds 22 million

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Recipe warns of immediate withdrawal scam of IRPF refund

More than 22 million Personal Income Tax (IRPF) 2022 statements, calendar year 2021, were delivered to the Federal Revenue until 11 am today (16).

The total delivered so far (22,288,470) represents 65.4% of the documents that the Federal Revenue Service expects to receive this year (34.1 million declarations).

The deadline for submitting the declaration goes until the 31st of this month.

Taxpayers who received, in 2021, taxable income, subject to annual adjustment, above R$ 28,559.70 are required to declare IR. In addition to these, those who had, in the last year, income that was exempt, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source in an amount greater than R$ 40 thousand, such as financial investments, donations, inheritances, divorce sharing, moiety, indemnities, dividends and interest on equity, and those who had, in 2021, annual gross revenue from rural activities above the limit of R$ 142,798.50.

The obligation also applies to the taxpayer who had, on December 31, 2021, possession or ownership of goods and rights, including bare land, in an amount greater than R$ 300 thousand and on those who obtained, in any month of the last year, capital gain on the sale of assets or rights, subject to tax or carried out operations on the stock exchange.

People who made a profit, in 2021, from the sale of residential properties, but opted for one of the situations of total or partial exemption from Income Tax on capital gain; that intend to offset losses from rural activity or from stock exchange operations; and those who became resident in Brazil last year are also required to declare the tax.

Refund by Pix

According to the Federal Revenue, from this year, the declaration allows indicating the Pix key of the CPF type to receive the refund. The CPF must be the holder of the declaration. Another option is to indicate the bank account directly, but the list is limited to institutions that are part of the federal revenue collection network.

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