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Ángel survived the collapse thanks to a “miraculous” piece of wood

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Ángel survived the collapse thanks to a "miraculous" piece of wood

Page Seven / La Paz

Ángel Quisbert, 29, was saved thanks to a plank that covered him with the earth and allowed him to breathe until he was rescued by his colleagues, emergency workers from the Mayor’s Office and Firefighters. He asks for help to recover him and to return to work.

“When we start digging with machinery, we end up to a certain place. The ‘inge’ told us that we had to deliver that part. We began to peck more, I think that he moved the earth and then everything came crashing down. I tried to run as far as possible, but the earth buried me. My colleagues were also buried, ”he told Unitel Ángel from an emergency bed at the Hospital de Clínicas in the Miraflores complex.

“A piece of wood knocked me down from the back and on top of it all the earth came towards me. The earth covered me up to my chest. I couldn’t breathe properly and I started losing my breath,” she said. “They moved the pieces of wood and earth that were on top of me, they started clearing. I felt better and the earth came down on me again,” she said. After several attempts, the firefighters managed to free him and evacuate him to the Hospital de Clínicas after four hours of work.

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The patient was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of closed abdominal trauma, fracture of the pelvis, tibia and right fibula. Yesterday morning, a medical report noted multiple injuries, polytrauma, thoracic injuries in the cervical spine, abdomen, pelvis and lower limbs. He had multiple concussions, but his condition is generally stable.

Ángel said that to dig “you don’t need equipment”. “We only had a pickaxe, a shovel and we saw that the hill had already fallen before. I told them to shore up, but they said, ‘Are you scared to death?’ I was working there for two weeks,” he recounted.

The worker said that he could not move his feet and cries out for collaboration. “I want you to help me get out of this, I ask for help. My back hurts. All I want is to work,” he assured.

The relatives of Ronald Sarco, the worker who died in the collapse, indicated that he was the father of two children; one nine years old and the other one and a half years old. They ask to investigate the fact.


  • Action The Mayor’s Office of La Paz recalls that it notified the Disa SRL construction company in November 2021 and in March 2022 to stop the works, because the place is despicable and because it did not have the authorization of the La Paz commune to build, but the work continued . It affirms that the notification was sent to Pablo Ignacio Salinas Ovando, legal person in charge of Disa.

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