Delgado: “I have a library of criticisms of Fernando Pereira”

The Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgadoreferred this Tuesday to the questions made by the president of the Broad Front, Ferdinand Pereiraand said he has “a bibliorate of criticism” on his part, and added that the leader has “double condition”.

“Every day is a different review, I have a bibliorato of critics of Fernando Pereira. Fernando Pereira sometimes (…) has the double condition of maintaining the presidency of the PIT-CNT and the presidency of the Broad Front”, he pointed out, when consulted by the media.

In addition, Delgado added: “I have not found, since Fernando Pereira has this new role (for the presidency of the Broad Front) a day that praises some measure of the government. Not even those that move on policies that the Broad Front generated,” he said.

Asked about whether to extend a political crack in the country, the hierarch stated: “Not for us, we are on our way to try to ensure that there is no crack in Uruguay. It is not exchanging one half for another.

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