Delgado: Astesiano's background was adulterated and we have to investigate to the bone

Delgado: Astesiano’s background was adulterated and we have to investigate to the bone


This Friday, September 30, Delgado was consulted by the press about the Astesiano case.

The head of the presidency said that the information on the criminal record of the now former head of security of the Presidency “was forged or adulterated”, because it was deliberately or undeliberately omitted.

In Astesiano’s file, to which the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, referred, there was no “criminal record”, according to his own words, but later it was learned that he had been prosecuted without prison in 2002 and with prison in 2013, for the crime of fraud.

down to the bone

Delgado remarked that it is necessary to go “to the bone” with the investigation of the case, since Astesiano operated from the fourth floor of the Executive Tower.

This same Friday, the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, determined to initiate a summary with separation from the position of the chief commissioner, Gonzalo Vázquez, director of Criminal Identification, for allegedly adulterating Astesiano’s file, on September 8, 2021, a day after the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, had been informed that the bodyguard had no record.

“Obviously the interior minister was not informed either. Something happened, and there is information that was fabricated or adulterated, or that was omitted, deliberately or not deliberately. If we had had that information, possibly the actions would have been different from the beginning”, Delgado remarked.

He considered that the episode does not affect the image of Uruguay, as the parliamentarians of the Broad Front have expressed. “Beyond the fact that this episode is reprehensible, unfortunate, and that it generates a lot of indignation for having disappointed confidence, it generates the opposite abroad, because it acted quickly. He speaks very highly of the Prosecutor’s Office, very well of the Police, very well of the separation of powers and speaks very well of Uruguay. International scandals are on the other hand, and now look at the press for some international claim”.

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