Delay in vehicle inspection costs Quito $1,600,000

Exempt vehicles and those that approved the RTV 2021 must follow a new calendar to obtain the circulation permit.

While the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) is located at mediation process to liquidate the existing contracts with the companies DANTON SA and Consorcio ITLS del Ecuador, the service of Vehicle Technical Review It will resume from July 2022.

The owners of the vehicles of public, commercial and self-employment transport, for renew driving licensethey must pay all registration fees, approve the RTV, filming tax, road fund rate of the Pichincha GAD and traffic violations.

Approved revision 2021

The rescheduling establishes that the Exempt vehicle owners and that RTV was approved in 2021 They must carry out the review and renew the circulation permit, in Quito, as follows:

July, 1 and 2

August, 3 and 4

September, 5 and 6

October, 7 and 8

November, 9 and 0

December, all digits with fine.

Rescheduling – New Vehicles: Acquired and Registered for the first time in 2022 they will be exempted from RTV for 3 calls.

Losses for the Municipality

It is estimated that the Municipality of Quito stop earning income approximately $1,600,000, for delays in the review. For this reason, Silvana Vallejo, director of the AMT, pointed out that they have done everything possible to speed up the process. (AVV)

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