Deficiencies for 64.8 million pesos in works linked to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport

Deficiencies for 64.8 million pesos in works linked to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport

▲ The probable damage to the treasury in the works related to the Felipe Ángeles airport refers to the acquisition of track material in the expansion of the Suburban Train.Photo Luis Castillo

Arturo Sanchez and Georgina Saldierna

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday, July 1, 2022, p. 10

In the first delivery of the results of the audits carried out on the 2021 public account, a probable damage to the federal treasury was found for 64.8 million pesos during the acquisition of track material in the project to expand line one of the Lechería Suburban Train. Jaltocán-AIFA.

The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) reported to the Chamber of Deputies that excess payments were authorized for the amount mentioned in the concepts of supply of sleepers and road material, which were not located at the work sites.

It detected that the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation did not comply with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions on the matter. For example, the project does not have the total release of the rights of way for the maneuvering yard in an area of ​​52 thousand 329 square meters, which has caused delays of 120 days in the execution of the works to date. This evidences an inadequate planning of the work, he emphasized.

It was also found in the reviews corresponding to the public account of the third year of government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that the studies, calculation reports, reports and projects have not been authorized by the audited entity.

The project for the extension of line one of the Suburban Train aims to offer a mass passenger rail transport service, electric, competitive, efficient and safe, which reduces generalized travel costs. It will be 23 kilometers long and will cross the municipalities of Tultitlán, Tultepec, Nextlalpan, Zumpango and Tecámac, in the state of Mexico.

The audit indicated that the project had budget sufficiency for fiscal year 2021 for an amount of 401.4 million pesos of federal resources.

Due to the anomalies found, the ASF filed three complaints with the Ministry of Public Administration to carry out the corresponding investigations and, where appropriate, initiate the administrative procedure for the registered irregularities.

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