Decree creates funds to pay Brazil Aid of R$400 in December

Decree creates funds to pay Brazil Aid of R$400 in December

The extra edition of the Official Gazette (DOU) of today (7) brought the text of the provisional measure (MP) 1076 of 2021, which anticipates the payment of the new value of the Brazil Aid – social income distribution program that replaces the former Bolsa Família.Decree creates funds to pay Brazil Aid of R$400 in December

The instrument creates an extraordinary benefit that complements the installments already provided for the Auxílio Brasil for the amount of R$400 disclosed by the government. The maneuver occurs due to the need for enactment of the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of Precatório, which should be sliced ​​up and that it will allow the allocation of resources for the full payment of the Auxílio Brasil.

According to the payment schedule already disclosed by Caixa, the credits related to the December installment of Brazil Aid will be received from next Friday (10).

Earlier, the president Jair Bolsonaro commented on the PEC dos Precatórios and stated that the instrument is not a “default”, but a viable way to reallocate debts in favor of a fair review of social benefits.

“[A PEC dos Precatórios] it is not a default, quite the contrary. It is a renegotiation, an extension of debt for those who had more than R$ 600 thousand to receive from the government. This is what allows us a balance, a space, to justly enhance the program”, said the president during the signing ceremony for the concession of 5G frequencies at Palácio do Planalto.

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