Debris from the landslide in Quito goes to the Bicentennial

Debris from the landslide in Quito goes to the Bicentennial

The death toll remains at 28. At 6:00 p.m. on February 6, 2022 there will be a data update.

In the context of the emergency caused by the flood that affected the neighborhoods of La Comuna and La Gasca, the Municipality announced that it has activated its contingent for the cleaning and rehabilitation of these sectors, by removing debris and mud from the streets. .

For the reception of the collected material (mud, rocks, trees, vegetation debris and debris from collapsed structures), COE de Quito has arranged an area of ​​the Bicentennial Park as a temporary collection point.

“In this place, EMGIRS-EP collaborates with technical personnel and specialized machinery that works for the proper management of the debris,” says a statement.

“After a technical evaluation, the site was chosen due to its strategic location in the city and will speed up the material transfer process,” the document adds.

The final destination of this waste will be the authorized EMGIRS-EP dumps located in the San Antonio de Pichincha (with a daily capacity of 2,000 m3) and Oyacoto (with a daily capacity of 360 m3) sectors. (AVV)

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