Death of babies in Córdoba: former Secretary of Health Pablo Carvajal was charged

Death of babies in Córdoba: former Secretary of Health Pablo Carvajal was charged

The case already has seven defendants, but the only detainee is nurse Brenda Agüero, who bears the most serious charge. / Photo: Laura Lescano.

The former Provincial Secretary of Health, Pablo Carvajal, was charged with the alleged crime of “omission of the duties of a public official” in the case that investigates the death of babies born healthy at the Ramón Carrillo Maternal Neonatal Hospital, in the capital of Córdoba, judicial sources reported.

In this way, the prosecutor Raúl Garzón, in charge of the investigation of the case, decided to charge the former official for the same crime that already weighs on the former Minister of Health, Diego Cardozoand the former deputy director of the hospital, Alejandro Escudero Salama.

The prosecutor resolved the accusations in order to determine if they were aware of, and did not report, the cases of suspicious deaths that were occurring in that provincial public hospital.

Until now there are seven accused since the judicial investigation began since the accusations also reach the former director, Liliana Asís; to the former heads of neonatal areas, Marta Gómez Flores and Adriana Morales, for the crimes of “omission of the duties of a public official and ideological falsehood.”

While, The only detainee, and who bears the most serious charge, is the nurse Brenda Agüero (27 years old), who faces the legal qualification of “repeated aggravated homicide by insidious procedure”also to the degree of “attempt” by the surviving babies and “ideological falsehood.”

According to the preliminary investigation of the case, which still remains a summary secret, Agüero is accused of intentionally inoculating babies with toxic substanceswhich later caused his death.

Eight cases of babies who would have been inoculated with the same substances and survived are also being investigated, which is why the nurse was also charged with ‘attempted homicide’.

The legal investigation

The legal investigation It was known on August 11 from complaints about the death of five babies born healthy between last March and June.

According to official data, the babies’ deaths occurred on March 18, April 23, May 23 and another two on June 6 this year.

Preliminary expert reports determined that two babies, born on June 6, occurred due to “hyperkalaemia” that was caused by “excess potassium intentionally injected”, since other pathologies, error and malpractice in The deaths.

The Provincial Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo, had to resign on August 25 and he was charged after the questions received for not having reported to the Justice because, according to the investigation, in March he was already aware of what was happening and only an internal administrative summary had been initiated.

Instead he took Gabriela Barbaswho was in charge of the Secretary for Prevention and Health Promotion of that portfolio.

In a related case, the justice is investigating whether any judicial official had also been notified about the suspicious deaths of the babies and did not act on it.

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