They investigate the death of at least five babies in the Maternal Neonatal Hospital of Córdoba

Death of at least five babies: the Cordovan government requested to be a plaintiff in the case

Maternal and Neonatal Hospital of Córdoba (Photo: Laura Lescano).

The Government of Córdoba asked the Judiciary to be admitted as a plaintiff in the case of the death of at least five babies, between March and June of this year, born healthy in a public health center in the provincial capital, which, according to preliminary data, has not yet been charged or detained.

Through its official Twitter account, the Government reported this Monday night that, given the events that occurred at the Neonatal Hospital, and which are in the public domain, “the Province has become a complainant because it is the main interested party – as already stated – in which what happened is absolutely clarified, the truth is known and full responsibility is established.

In that sense, he added that it has already been put and will be maintained accordingly “the total willingness to provide any element required by the Prosecutor to provide a prompt clarification of the facts, including agents and personnel.”

He added that the case is under summary secrecy, which means that all information must be provided in the judicial sphere to the Prosecutor, so as not to hinder or harm the investigation.

“In turn, the provincial State has established and maintains, through the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the availability and assistance of accompaniment to family members,” highlights the official information.

On the other hand, a group of parents and relatives Of the deceased babies they summoned, for this Tuesday at 10 a.m. to a protest at the Neonatal Maternal Hospital to claim for “clarification and justice.”

The judicial investigation, which became public on Thursday of last week, is in the hands of the Prosecutor for Instruction Raul Garzonbased on reports of the death of five healthy babies born at the Ramón Carrillo Maternal Neonatal Hospital in the city of Córdoba, between March and June.

According to data provided by the Minister of Health, Diego Cardoso, the deaths of the babies occurred on March 18, April 23, May 23 and two (deaths) on June 6 this year.

The official maintained that these deadly outcomes “they are not common” and asked “to punish with the full weight of the law” those responsible.

The Health portfolio made the judicial complaint on July 7 and, according to Minister Cardozo, the Justice was asked to investigate 11 deaths that occurred in those four months.

However, he specified that “we can infer that six of these cases were due to pathologies that are within the possibilities of death occurring.”

Five were born healthy and they had an unexpected, unusual outcome, which is why we asked for the investigation and analysis of all the elements that are part of the care they received during childbirth and after birth,” the official considered.

The provincial government appointed the new hospital authoritieswhile 23 employees are kept separated from their duties.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Garzón began to take statements from nine nurses, and asked for details of the medical records and other documentation on the supply of injectable dosages to the deceased babies, particularly regarding potassium, in addition to the two studies of autopsies that were performed.

The prosecutor also began to receive testimonies from the families affected by the alleged “malpractice” or “intentional homicide”, which are two of the various lines of hypothesis that the official is working on in the investigation.

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