Deadline for city halls to register with Bem-Taxista ends today

Deadline for city halls to register with Bem-Taxista ends today

Today (15) the deadline given to city halls to register professionals who can receive the Bem-Taxista emergency benefit ends today (15). The benefit will be granted to taxi drivers until December to compensate for the rise in the price of fuel and derivatives.Deadline for city halls to register with Bem-Taxista ends today

Emergency aid will begin to be paid tomorrow (16). There will be six installments of R$ 1,000, “observing the number of eligible taxi drivers and the global limit available for the payment of the aid”, as informed by the Ministry of Labor. With this, the final value will depend on the number of taxi drivers that demand the benefit. If there are more taxi drivers than expected, the value for each one will be lower.

The July and August installments will be paid together, and the third installment will be paid on August 30th. Taxi drivers registered with city halls, holders of concessions or permits issued by May 31, are entitled to the benefit.

According to the ministry, the provision of information will be entirely up to city halls (or the government of the Federal District, in the case of the federal capital), with no action required by taxi drivers. In case of doubt, the driver should contact the city hall to verify the municipal register.


“It is important to clarify that the mere registration of taxi drivers does not guarantee payment of the Taxi Driver Benefit. Data sent by municipal and district entities will be analyzed by Dataprev [Empresa de Tecnologia e Informações da Previdência Social] to identify eligible professionals,” the ministry announced.

The driver whose CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) is pending regularization with the Federal Revenue will not be able to receive the amount. In addition, the benefit cannot be paid cumulatively with the truck driver allowance. More information can be obtained through the app box has.

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