DC deputies decline invitation from the PS to form a single list for the new constituent process: “It would be a profound mistake”

The bench of deputies of the Christian Democracy (DC) yesterday declined a proposal from the Socialist Party (PS) to form a single list (together with the ruling party) for the elections of the constitutional councillors.

“The reasons that the PS has given for going on a single list are not credible, we believe that it would be a profound mistake to go on a single list that responds to the plebiscite scenario. You have to see how the Government is doing. Doing that would be suicide” said the deputy Ricardo Cifuenteson behalf of the DC bench, slogan Third.

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“Chile has already given a political signal that the process must be carried out calmly, respecting the institutional framework. Chile must not be changed, it must be improved,” added the parliamentarian.

In turn, he pointed out that “as a bench we propose to align ourselves with people from the PPD, liberals, radicals and others, many independents, including people from the People’s Party.”

The vice president of the community Gianni Rivera agrees with that position. “The new list that we must present must be a much broader list, overcome this logic of I Approve and I Reject, and necessarily aim to incorporate both worlds (…) I would love to have a list of PPD, liberals, radicals and democrats ( …) to be able to generate a great project”, he said.

Of course, the rejection of the idea of ​​forming a single list is not unanimous in the DC. The senator Francisco Huenchumilla (DC) was not closed to the initiative. “The question is what can DC do if last time we had a conventional. To respond to this, it is very difficult to have a chance in the midst of two large coalitions (…). I am not closed to any of the two, because I think what you have to see is what is more efficient, ”he said.

The DC will discuss the formation of electoral lists, in the first instance, in its National Council this Saturday.

Let us remember that yesterday the Senate approved, in particular, the project that enables a new constituent process. Now, the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies must review the initiative.

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