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Data Science: Why is it considered the profession of the future?

Data Science: Why is it considered the profession of the future?

The pandemic left several impacts that lie in the way in which different companies use data to accelerate digital commerce and decision-making in sectors of society.

For this reason, the demand for data science professionals has increased, and the experts agree that there is an oversupply of said professional profile.

Data science is considered the profession of the future, therefore, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTIC), in 2021 trained 582 professionals in data science.

Also, in February 2022, a new call was opened to train 1,800 Colombians in data science and artificial intelligence, but the goal for this year is to educate 2,200 people in this area of ​​knowledge.

However, even though the National Government has made an effort to train professionals in this area, postgraduate courses in the academic offer are scarce.

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Why is data science important?

Professionals in this area are important for making decisions in the financial, government, industry, commerce, health, society and culture sectors, because information grows in real time.

Julio Hurtado Márquez, director of the Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics and Data Science at the Technological University of Bolívar (UTB), indicated some relevant points that people interested in training in this area should know.

Professionals who can do data science.

People with professions in any discipline can do data science, since the training process provides the tools that must be used and that are found in some programming languages ​​such as Python and R, therefore, initial training in basic sciences is not a requirement.

“Data science arises from statistics and takes the information that appears in the different social networks and in other digital media and is using it to sell services or other products and to make decisions within the different companies and sectors. So data science is important because all companies want to take their products to people in an assertive way, as well as the messages of politicians in times of elections”, explained Professor Julio Hurtado.

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Job opportunities for a data science professional.

Professionals with knowledge in data science will be able to model in the industry, identify improvement opportunities, lead research processes and make better decisions from different contexts such as academia, government, industry, public sector, private sector, health, among others.

That is why there is an oversupply of this professional profile.

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