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Daniel Ortega reappears to close ranks with Russia in the face of the crisis in Ukraine

Daniel Ortega reappeared after 36 days of absence from public events to preside over a brief press conference with which the visit to Nicaragua of a Russian delegation led by the deputy prime minister of that nation, Yuri Borisov, was closed in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine.

Ortega expressed Nicaragua’s full support in the face of what he called “imperialist aggression” by the United States and Europe in the geopolitical conflict in Ukraine, country that currently faces the threat of a military invasion from Russia.

“Empires always threaten peace and threaten peace in the way they are attacking Russia. We cannot forget the coup d’état that occurred a few years ago, the coup d’état in Ukraine, just like the one they tried in Nicaragua in 2018, bathing the Nicaraguan people in blood,” Ortega said.

To the alleged coup What the red and black leader alludes to is the wave of student protests in 2014 that ended up forcing the departure of President Viktor Yanukovych, who enjoyed the sympathy of the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin.

This student movement was bloodily repressed by the Police and paramilitaries loyal to the Yanukovych government, but thanks to the support of the Army, the protests achieved the departure of the then president of Ukraine.

Moscow, concerned about the political effects of this student revolution that was supported by the majority of the Ukrainian people, took advantage of that moment of political upheaval to annex Crimea and began to logistically and militarily support the pro-Russian rebels operating in Ukraine and seeking to overthrow the authorities who took over after the protests.

“In Ukraine there was a bloodbath that ended in a coup, which was not condemned and rejected by Europe or the United States. On the contrary, it was nurtured and encouraged by those who again want to threaten peace,” he added.

Russia will maintain cooperation with the Army

Ortega assured that various commercial and economic agreements were signed with the Russian delegation headed by Borisov, although he did not give details of them.

The Russian official during his speech limited himself to referring to the economic scope of the agreements, without mentioning the issue of Ukraine. He said that their objective is to increase the commercial exchange between Russia and Nicaraguawhich according to Borisov, is around 160 million dollars per year.

Borísov did briefly point out that Russia’s technological and military cooperation with the Nicaraguan Army will continue. “We will continue to provide this support and we will continue to work in that direction as well,” the Putin official said, without providing further details.

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