Daniel Ortega begins the judicial parody against political prisoners

Daniel Ortega begins the judicial parody against political prisoners


The Public Ministry announced on Monday the launch of “oral and public trials” for political prisoners in the El Chipote prison

Protest for the release of prisoners in Managua.Moses CastilloWORLD

the clan plan Ortega Murillo to perpetuate itself in power it advances according to what is established. After last year’s crackdown on presidential hopefuls and opposition leaders came the electoral parody of November 7 and the swearing-in in January with the support of Venezuela and Cuba, the other continental dictatorships. The turn now is for judges and prosecutors.

The Public Ministry announced on Monday the start-up of the “oral and public trials” for political prisoners who remain in the El Chipote prison or in house arrest, like the former presidential candidate Christian Chamorro. Around fifty of the 168 currently imprisoned.

The statement from the Prosecutor’s Office contains what appears to be a sentence in advance, since the presumption of innocence is not even respected: “These same criminals and delinquents have attacked the rights of the people, compromising peace and security. They are the same ones who promoted and directed the terrorist acts of the failed coup attempt of 2018 (the popular rebellion against Daniel Ortega)… They are the same ones who have caused so much pain and mourning due to murders, torture and kidnappings.”

As if looking in a mirror, the Attorney General’s Office justified the government maneuvers that protect the trials that began yesterday in the prison bunker. The famous riot police were deployed, once again, around the prison. According to the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh), the same illegalities were repeated as in the initial hearings, with the lawyers not having access to the incarcerated to establish the defense strategy. Not even family members were able to stay in the courtroom to see their loved ones, whose detention has already been illegally extended for 90 days. With other legal subterfuges they have been held in detention for more than seven months.

“These are non-existent crimes, which they have not been able to prove, fabricated in the offices of the Prosecutor’s Office. We are facing one more farce of the dictatorship, a legal simulation where what is going to be done is to reaffirm the persecution and criminalization. The cruel dictatorship instead of complying with what it offered, a dialogue, now remains silent and in response calls these trials,” he denounced EL MUNDO Vilma Nezpresident of the Cenidh.

Human rights activists predict exemplary sentences “to generate more fear and to bend even more the will of those who are willing to talk with the government to obtain the immediate freedom of political prisoners,” Nez certified.

The relatives also joined their voices to protest, once again, against the abuses of the dictatorship, which has only allowed its prisoners to see four or five times. “At this important moment in national history, where all of Nicaragua is drowning in pain and mourning, the freedom of all political prisoners is essential to build a climate of peace and justice,” they stressed in a joint statement.

“It is important to highlight that holding these trials in a detention center is part of the illegalities, since the Code of Criminal Procedure establishes in article 121 that the courts will act in their own headquarters,” he added for this newspaper. Maria Asuncin Moreno, presidential candidate of the Civic Alliance, who fled from the clutches of the dictatorship before being imprisoned. She today she remains in exile.

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