Dangerous anti-Spanish discourse in Peru

Dangerous anti-Spanish discourse in Peru


Two operators, in the middle of the spill.John PonceEFE

The spill of 1.65 million liters of crude oil off the coast of Lima is one of the biggest environmental disasters suffered by Peru in recent decades. We are facing a dramatic event that requires, first of all, a great reinforcement of the technical and human means of cleaning to mitigate as far as possible the catastrophic damage to the ecosystem and to the local productive fabric that is still impossible to quantify. This should, of course, be the priority task right now of the

Government headed by the radical leftist Pedro Castillo, who, however,

seems to devote more energy to attacking the Repsol company and politicizing this unfortunate episode with large doses of populism

, as a new smokescreen with which to cover the enormous social discontent of Peruvians with their president, as reflected in the polls. Everything indicates that the event occurred during an operation to unload barrels from an Italian ship to be processed at the La Pampilla Refinery due to the violent shock experienced on the Peruvian coast as a result of the tsunami recorded in mid-January in the archipelago. from Tonga. And, of course, there is already an investigation underway into what happened. At the moment, four directors of the Spanish multinational Repsol, the Justice l

it has been forbidden to leave the Andean country as a precautionary measure

while the facts and possible responsibilities are clarified.

With the investigations still in their infancy, the Castillo Government is acting with enormous irresponsibility

launching all kinds of threats against the energy company and even slipping the warning to suspend the license

of its activity in Peru -how can we not remember in these circumstances the expropriation of Repsol in 2012 by the Kirchner government in Argentina or the cyclical attempts at intervention by Venezuela against Spanish companies-. Castillo’s maneuvers must be included in a dangerous attack against Spain, which leads to events as regrettable as the

demonstrations to protest against the spill in which they ended up denouncing the Spanish plunder for five centuries

, a reflection of the hate speech against our country that Bolivarian leaders feed in the region to try to cover up their corruption and the incompetence of their management. The Peruvian president has already shown signs of inadmissible behavior with the treatment

unworthy treatment he dispensed to King Felipe VI

when he went precisely to his inauguration, which became a settling of accounts with the Crown and with Spain.

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