Dance of the waves and the foam

The Havana Malecón with a slight cold front is a spectacle of emotions, smells, colors and sensations, although it does not give an edge to its spectators to delight the work, they, who exercise physically and spiritually, the regular fishermen of each day and the lovers who they search under the moonlight for a faithful confession of love.

The fury of the sea leads the play. The rise in the water level brings us closer to a cloudy and uncertain scenario that few dare to challenge, putting their lives at risk. But the dance of the waves and the foam is still spectacular as if it were a wavy white skirt. The sound of the air plus that of the swells achieve the best of the soundtracks.

Also with light or strong penetrations, nature returns to man all the annoyances that it pours into it. Cans, nylon cots, plastic knobs and many strange elements, garbage in general goes to the waters of the boardwalk, the low pressures are responsible for returning and healing the pollution that our seas suffer daily.

As if it were a process of reflection with oneself and healing with the outside world, the Havana Malecón keeps dissimilar stories and for years these have remained perpetual in films, poems, songs. Memories, unfulfilled dreams, disappointments, ruptures, it has always been our most devoted wall of outbursts and confessions.

But in the same way it shows us that after the storm, the gray sky and the bravery, a resplendent sun is looming and healing natural disasters, family attacks and couple discrepancies, because even on an irritated sea a clear sky with a blue can prevail. pure and homogeneous, healer of all ills.

Dance of the waves and the foam

Dance of the waves and the foam

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