Daily deaths from covid in Colombia were below 50 again

Daily deaths from covid in Colombia were below 50 again

As of December 3, 2021, and in the last year and 9 months, Colombia accumulates a total of 5’076.378 cases of coronavirus contagion.

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That figure was reached after 2,299 new positives reported this Friday, which resulted from processing 51,370 tests (25,062 of PCR and 26,308 of antigens).

Currently, there are 13,638 active cases in the country and 4’916,313 have recovered. In addition, the total of samples analyzed has been 28,258,816.

And the areas of the country that concentrate the most historical infections are Bogotá (1,463,652), Antioquia (771,467), Valle del Cauca (417,311), Atlántico (339,681) and Cundinamarca (266,371).

(See: They do not rule out that omicron already circulates in Colombia).

Worldwide, the number of infections is already at 264,709,360.

As for deaths, this Friday 42 new ones were registered, of which 39 occurred on different days.

In Colombia, the pandemic already leaves 128,685 deaths; worldwide, 5,240,240

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As of December 1, 62,360,642 doses against the coronavirus had been distributed and 57,886,953 had been applied. And the number of fully immunized people, with one or two doses, was 24,884,650.

(See: Colombia and Ecuador postpone border opening to December 15).


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