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Cyclists contrary to the constitutional agreement demonstrate at the PR, PS, PC, UDI headquarters and the home of Cristián Warnken (Yellows)

On Monday night, a group of cyclists who are contrary to the constitutional agreement demonstrated in the different headquarters of the Radical Party (PR), Socialist Party (PS), Communist Party (PC), of the UDI; besides the house Christian Warnken (founder of Amarillos) and on the front of Channel 13.

As stated Third, the journey of the protesters began on Monday afternoon until a little before 11:00 p.m. The tour -according to police sources- began in downtown Santiago at the PR and PS offices, both located in the Paris-Londres neighborhood.

Later, they moved to Vicuña Mackenna, where the headquarters of the PC is located, to later go to Providencia – headquarters of the UDI. The journey continued to Vitacura, Warnken’s residence, and ended again in Providencia, headquarters of Channel 13.

As indicated by the officer of Ronda of the Santiago Oriente Prefecture, Williams Henriquez TroncosoAround 70 to 80 cyclists were monitored at 8:30 p.m. as they moved from the center of the capital to the eastern sector and stopped on the outskirts of political parties.


The helmsman of the PR, Leonardo Cubillos, pointed out that the party headquarters suffered the throwing of coal, the paste of posters – in which they ask for a “New Constitution 100% elected or nothing” – in addition, scratched on the outside. Cubillos specified that the PS had the same luck.

Meanwhile, pamphlets were posted at the PC headquarters, while at the UDI headquarters they scratched the exterior.

Outside Warnken’s home, protesters shouted against him and his group (Yellows for Chile). The community rejected the facts: “The acts of political bullying against the house of its president: these displays of violence, cancellation and cowardice are the reasons that give strength and meaning to our movement. They will not frighten us.”

Finally, they returned to the Providencia commune to demonstrate on the outskirts of Channel 13, located at Inés Matte Urrejola 0848. In that place they were intercepted by Carabineros, who carried out identity checks, ending with the arrest of four people who threw blunt objects at the police officers.

Video via Twitter: @AndresJouannet

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