Customs goes to the Prosecutor's Office and points to the truck driver who was 'recovered' by alleged smugglers

Customs goes to the Prosecutor’s Office and points to the truck driver who was ‘recovered’ by alleged smugglers

After people aboard two vehicles ambushed and took a seized truck with contraband merchandise In the Santa Cruz capital, the National Customs filed a complaint with the Santa Cruz Departmental Prosecutor’s Office to carry out an investigation, where only the driver of the truck has been identified, who would have escaped along with the people who intercepted the motor vehicle; It is not ruled out that they belong to a network of smugglers.

Smugglers stalk and beat. Although the work of the forces of order fgathered the plans of those who are in charge of importing these products illegally in the Bolivian territory, the operation did not materialize.

On this occasion, the incident took place in the Santa Cruz capital, where a group ambushed public officials to ‘recover’ the products that had been seized. The National Customs now points to the truck driver, named Eduardo Quintanilla Flores, same as fled with the other unidentified people and who are presumed to be smugglers.

According to the National Customs report,early this Thursday, in the tasks of interdiction carried out by the Operational Control Unit Estrategic (UCOE) one was seized truck carrying contraband beer and wine from Argentinain the eighth ring of the eastern capital.

However, when it was transferred to customs offices, the truck and the two police patrols that were guarding it were ambushed by vehicles driven by “unscrupulous people, who arbitrarily and criminally, using force and firearms,” They stole the motor vehicle with the seized merchandise, of which the amount was not revealed.

These people are accused of crimes of subtraction customs pledge, aggravated smuggling and others.

The vehicle would have been seized in the Abapó lock by National Customs officials. From there, and with the support of law enforcement, the truck was moved to the Santa Cruz capital, where the assault took place.

“The National Customs will use the measures, instances and actions that are under its power, until it finds the criminals,” they stated from the state entity, which It is not the first time that he has received this type of blows from the smugglerssituations that occur mainly in border areas.

In the last weeks, 15 trucks with beer, corn, soy, would turn on and herbicides of smuggling were seized by the National Customs in Santa Cruz, but the ambush they suffered in the capital of Santa Cruz was something unprecedented.

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